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Table 2 Total phenolic content (TPC) expressed as mg GAE/100 g dry extract and total flavonoids content expressed as mg QE/100 g dry extract of different solvent extracts of Euclea schimperi leaves

From: Investigation of antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of Euclea schimperi leaf extracts

Type of extract Total phenolics in mg GAE/100 g dry ext. Total flavonoids mg QE/100 g dry ext. Antioxidant activity a FRAP (mg AAE/100 g dry extract) Antioxidant activity a DPPH (mgAAE/100 g dry ext.
Methanol extract 748.78 ± 3.11a 3.306 ± 0.142a 312.145 ± 1.542a 19.707 ± 0.186a
Chloroform extract 40.45 ± 0.66b 0.334 ± 0.002b 48.177 ± 0.286b 2.717 ± 0.030b
  1. Sample for three independent measurements (triplicate; n = 3, mean ± SD). Values in the same column that are followed by a different letters (a, b) are significantly different p < 0.05 by paired t test