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Fig. 7 | Chemical and Biological Technologies in Agriculture

Fig. 7

From: Alkamides: a new class of plant growth regulators linked to humic acid bioactivity

Fig. 7

Effects of different N-isopropyldecanamide and humic acid concentrations on plasma membrane H+-ATPase activity and proton pumping in vesicles isolated from 7-day-old maize seedlings. Vanadate-sensitive ATP hydrolysis and proton transport were measured in plasma membrane vesicles isolated from maize roots treated with 10−8 M (white circle), 10−6 M (black square) and 10−4 M (white square) N-isopropyldecanamide and 20 mg C L−1 humic acids (black circle) for 7 (a) and 15 (b) days. Control (dotted line). The reaction medium contained 50-mM HEPES–KOH (pH 6.5), 3-mM MgSO4, 100-mM KCl and 1-mM ATP. a, b Representative experiments of at least four independent preparations of plasma membrane from maize roots

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