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Table 2 Modified PAMPA potassium permeability results

From: Measuring the passive cuticular membrane permeability of potassium with a parallel artificial membrane permeability assay and the implications for foliar nutrient formulations

SampleLog Pe*a%T*
Katalyst FS®− 4.99 ± 0.04 A21.38 ± 1.76 A
Potassium Chloride− 5.43 ± 0.08 B8.39 ± 1.46 B
Potassium Acetate− 5.39 ± 0.11 B9.38 ± 2.32 B
  1. * Means with the same letter are not significantly different (p < 0.05) according to Fisher’s LSD Method
  2. aLog Pe was converted to Pe in order to ensure a normal distribution, prior to ANOVA and grouping with Fisher’s LSD method