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Table 2 Heavy metal concentrations (mg kg−1 DW) in root and leaf tissues of young and mature plants of garden cress and sweet basil

From: Plant growth stage influences heavy metal accumulation in leafy vegetables of garden cress and sweet basil

Plant samplesCdPbNiAsCrCoZnCoMn
Garden cress
 Leaves (mature plants)4.02b39.0a6.4b1.9c12.7b1.14b46.7c19.6b79.7b
 Roots (mature plants)7.78a47.4a12.2a3.1a27.4a3.02a103.5a47.5a131.0a
 Leaves (seedlings)4.43b40.4a5.8b2.4b12.0b1.37b66.2b20.5b79.5b
Sweet basil
 Leaves (mature plants)1.66b17.3b1.9b0.73b5.3b0.48b39.7b13.3c48.4b
 Roots (mature plants)4.04a26.1a3.3a0.95a18.2a2.47a91.0a29.3a67.5a
 Leaves (seedlings)0.90c11.7c2.2b0.62c4.2b0.47b41.5b16.8b52.6b
  1. In each plant and for a given trait, means with at least one common letter are not significantly different at 5% level of Duncan's multiple range test