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Table 2 Physicochemical characteristics of experimental soil

From: Biochar and vermicompost improve growth and physiological traits of eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) under deficit irrigation

Field soil chemical characteristics Amounts
Clay–silt–sand % 20–30–50
Lime % 8–12
pH-KCl 7.6
EC dS/m 5.4
Organic matter (%) 2.2
Total nitrogen (%) 1.1
Available potassium (mg/kg) 310
P–AL (mg/kg) 30
Ca–AL (mg/kg) 2300
Mg–AL (mg/kg) 600
K–AL (mg/kg) 3000
  1. The mineral concentrations were analyzed using inductively coupled plasma (ICP)
  2. EC electrical conductivity, P–AL ammonium lactate-extractable phosphorus, Ca–AL ammonium lactate-extractable calcium, Mg ammonium lactate-extractable magnesium, K ammonium lactate-extractable potassium