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Table 3 Antioxidant content of anthocyanins, leuco-anthocyanins, total carotenoid content in the seeds of pumpkin fruits of different pumpkin cultivars and horn manure and horn silica treatments—mean values from 2012 to 2014

From: The effect of biodynamic preparations on growth and fruit quality of giant pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima D.)

Cultivation variant Anthocyanins (µg·100gˉ1 FM) Leuco-anthocyanins (mg·100gˉ1 FM) Total carotenoid content (mg·100gˉ1 FM)
 Control 0.09a 4.50a 10.20a
 HM 0.06a 4.20a 18.70b
 HS 0.10a 5.70b 23.70b
 HM + HS 0.09a 4.80a 21.50b
 Control 0.10a 2.40a 23.90a
 HM 0.06a 4.80c 24.50a
 HS 0.11a 4.90c 32.20b
 HM + HS 0.10a 4.20b 29.60ab
 Control 0.10a 6.50a 32.20a
 HM 0.07a 6.30a 35.00ab
 HS 0.11a 7.10b 40.70b
 HM + HS 0.10a 6.70ab 38.00ab
  1. HM horn manure, HS horn silica, FM fresh mass. Spray treatments: different letters (a, b, c) are significant within each cultivar, p ≤ 0.05